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My Story

I love children's books and always have. In addition to their nostalgia, I believe children’s books have true value. They are honest and simple. They are beautiful, straightforward, and unendingly comforting. And they are about big ideas for little people; ideas that continue to be meaningful when those little people grow up into big kids.


When I came across a copy of Animalia that was missing its cover, I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful, intricate illustrations, so I turned it into a tote bag. One of my friends then said, "I used to read Where The WIld Things Are to myself every day as a kid. Do you think you can make me a wallet from it? " I said "Of course!" Humble Pig Wallets was born and I haven't looked back since.

Humble Pig wallets are made from original pages from children's books and comics. I take apart books and laminate the pages to make them durable and water resistant. Then I treat the pages like fabric, cutting and sewing them into different products. 


People often ask if it is hard for me to rip apart these books that I've loved. I'll admit, the first one was tough! But every single book in Humble Pig wallets is used. Many of them are rescued out of recycling bins or given by people who would otherwise be getting rid of them. All of them have been loved, and none too gently. So by ripping them apart, I am trying to give these wonderful works a new lease of life and allow people to carry their favorite stories with them always.

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